Caregivers Provide Peace of MindHome Care in NC

Our Compassionate and Dependable Care® givers help to fill an empty void in the lives of others by providing interaction which stimulates the mind, body and soul – we become a trusted friend or companion. A companion is someone who shares your life, embracing your interests and experiences. A companion makes you happy…sharing the ups and downs of life.

When you choose a home care service, one consideration stands above all else, the quality of the caregiver who will be at your loved one’s side. Be assured that only the best are selected for the Stay at Home® team. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the caregiver who appears at your door will be a trusted companion–one that who adheres to the highest ethical standards.

First and foremost, our caregivers must be as passionate about caring for seniors as we are. Each caregiver must pass our Compassion Assessor even before being considered to join our team. Once this prerequisite is met, each caregiver then undergoes a comprehensive screening process, covering areas of good moral character, background investigations, professional work history and reference checks. Moreover, we spend time with our caregivers to truly understand their interests to confidently match them with our clients.

Stay at Home® of Westmoreland is #1 in the Compassionate in-home care market.  We’ve earned this distinction because of our uncompromising commitment to our clients and their families.

Caregiver Qualifications

Each caregiver must pass the following steps to be eligible to provide services.

Step 1 – National, multi-state, multi-county, and city background checks. This is a nine point background investigation conducted through the most rigorous databases in the country to ensure your safety and gain your trust.

Step 2 – Three verifiable work reference check

Step 3 – DPS Compassion and Service Assessment test

Step 4 – Personal interview

You can be certain that when we introduce you and your family members to your personally-matched caregiver and that your Compassionate & Dependable Care® giver will adhere to the highest ethical standards.  Please call Joe or Kristen Mucci at (724) 420-5648 to find out how Stay at Home® of Westmoreland may help you and your family.

Each Stay At Home franchise is independently owned and operated. Each franchise location provides companion and homemaker services in accordance with applicable state regulations. Since licensing requirements may vary by state, not all locations offer personal care services. Stay at Home is committed to providing Compassionate and Dependable Care® to those we serve. Please check with the location nearest you to determine how we can help meet your needs.